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10mm Soapstone w/ "Lion" silver hardware and "Doux Sept" logo. Also available in other options.

Amplification | Readiness

Steatite mineral is also known as Soapstone. Steatite is a compact high-purity talc that is found in magnesium rich rocks and veins often with serpentine, calcite, as well as, with mineral deposits of Chlorite, Dolomite and Magnetite. Steatite gets the name “soapstone” due to its waxy or soapy feeling surface. Soapstone’s soft rated hardness makes it a wonderful crystal material to work into a carving or ornamental sculpture piece. Soapstone comes in a variety of colors from soft beautiful shades of green, white, grey to more intense reds, browns, and black. 

Soapstone emits a calming yet stimulating energy supporting the release of old routines and creates an openness for new possibilities in life. Soapstone’s energies are helpful for getting one moving and ready for whatever comes next. Soapstone is a stone of manifestation with the popular soapstone figurines a reminder of how physical creations are literally carved out of imagination and intentions. Soapstone’s energies resonate with creative and flexible freedom and is supportive for new adventures and new opportunities. Soapstone’s energies amplify the signal to receive and transmit messages across all realms and energy fields. Soapstone may be used to stabilize electricity in the atmosphere and to eliminate signal interference.