Unforgettable W/ Red Coral

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10mm red coral w/ silver hardware and Doux Sept logo.

Creativity | Passion | Romantic love | Wisdom | Optimism | Enthusiasm

Red coral helps to cure sterility, calm the mind, stimulate intuition and facilitate emotional healing.  It is believed that Red Coral nourishes the blood and strengthens the skeleton.  This stone also stimulates tissue regeneration while nourishing blood cells.  Red Coral evokes passion, romance and strength.  It is a gemstone that symbolizes joy, prosperity, protection and abundance.  Wearing Red Coral aids in the ability to understand the purpose of things, while encouraging creativity.  This crystal is a good assistant in meditation and visualization, bringing zen, clarity and emotional balance.  Red Coral is a stone of optimism.  Learn to be optimistic when you wear our "Strength" bracelet.

Red Coral stimulates the base chakra,  and helps to focus energy on the pursuit of goals.  This stone protects from depression and despondency, while helping to diminish compulsive behaviors. Red Coral boosts leadership qualities, aiding determination and seeing projects through to completion.  It clears feelings of resentment and frustration.  Wearing this gem is also used to bring luck and pleasant dreams.